Written by Phillip Ridley

Design by James Donnelly

Lighting by Cassie Mitchell

Sound by Jim Whitcher

Actors: Georgie Henley and Tyrone Huntley


Arts Desk – Aleks Sierz
Max Lindsay’s excellent production delivers the goods with a punch in the gut and a burst vein in the head.

British Theatre
Both (actors) confidently hold the audience’s attention and draw us into the miniature worlds they so briefly create. Both are absolutely fantastic.

Both actors do a stellar job of capturing the blunt fury, intensity and sadness in Ridley’s writing, while always making the absolute most of the surprisingly large number of comic zingers.
a solid 90 minutes of very intense entertainment that gives its two young actors the space to dazzle with their technical skills and emotional range

It is down to the performances to lift the production into something more engaging, and the two actors fare admirably well under Max Lindsay’s direction.

Director Max Lindsay’s work in this performance is very strong as all of my focus was on Him or Her and I sensed the audience as a whole were transported to the worlds created in each monologue

Carns Theatre Passion
I strongly urge any young actor who would like to see how to deliver a monologue, to watch and study these remarkable, playful, complicit, ‘open’ vulnerable and truthful performances.

The Upcoming
Angry is a masterpiece to see twice.

London Theatre – Mark Shenton
evocatively staged by director Max Lindsay

Time Out
Max Lindsay’s direction brings out big, gesturing performances from the two performers