I worked with Max Lindsay on The Nutcracker in 2013, and observed him directing the Nuffield Youth Theatre production of Feathers In The Snow the following spring.
The Nutcracker demanded clever handling and inventive devising in a short and pressurised time frame and Max’s job as AD put him squarely at the heart of it. He came up with endless ingenious and insightful ideas, and they had a vibrant theatricality which transformed the production.
He also had a great ability to absorb stress and keep a cast motivated and happy, which was invaluable during a tech full of practical challenges.
Watching him take on Feathers I was  impressed by his ability to handle a massive cast (across a range of abilities), command their respect and affection and manoeuvre them elegantly in a way that brought the play alive.
It seems very natural to me that Max has the respect and support of a writer like Philip Ridley and I expect he will do a terrific job.
Blanche McIntyre, director

I am a difficult person to have in Youth Theatre audiences as I tend to be critical. It is also difficult to be in YT audiences as people tend to want to know what I think. There has never been a problem with Max’s work. I have always been overwhelmed by it’s quality. The only issue I have with Max is that, thus far, he has never chosen to use any of my work. I would be fascinated to see what he could bring to it… here’s hoping… one day!
Mark Wheeller, playwright

I was fortunate enough to see Max Lindsay’s production of my play Feathers in the Snow at the Nuffield Theatre, Southampton. It was a stunningly directed show: lucid, inventive, moving, beautifully acted and delivered (as it should be, but not always is) at break neck speed. The young cast clearly adored him and he got something very special from each of them. Since then I’ve seen more of Max’s work, and been lucky enough to get to know him, and I think he’s one of the most exciting young directors around: brimful of ideas, inspiring and inspired in equal measure.
I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Philip Ridley, playwright

Max is a very serious theatre maker. He cares deeply about wider issues and puts this into his work with full passion and vigour. He has a great energy which inspires people and everyone he does has a mark of quality which comes from someone working at the top of their game. I have no hesitation in recommending him to everyone.
David Mercatali, Associate Director Sherman Theatre